Sunday, June 18, 2017

We have a correction to the last post. The woodpecker is actually a black-backed woodpecker. It is a rather uncommon bird. Our expert, Dr. J., has never seen one! It has three toes, just like the three toed woodpecker. Here are a couple of links for you.



Speaking about birds, check out this video of a swimming owl.


In other news, there were 4 terrorists, I mean tourists on our lake yesterday. They left us a present. 

Tourists, like terrorists, should be sent back to where they came from until they can live in harmony with others. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here is what has been goin' on around these parts. 

 Back on the 8th Dan and Judy got a floating dock installed. Of course, I had to supervise.  :D

Here they come with the dock and ramp.

Removing the old dock. That's a real nice boat.

Drilling into bedrock to install the shore anchor.

The crossed cables hold the ramp tight to the dock.

The decking is in pallet form.

Yup. A real nice boat. Lifting an anchor.

5/16th anchor chains.

In goes an anchor.

Swim ladder installed.

Tout fini.

Guess who's the first Lil' Tomikoan to park?

Kat and Cat were going to town and had to stop on the Notman road so this guy could get off the road.

Back on the 12th we went on a road trip with the AKA Smiths.

The first stop was the North Cobalt Flea Market, which is more like a discount store.

Some of the haul.

 Then on to the TSC in New Liskeard.

This Vet clinic was across the street. Check out the Vet's name. =))

The next stop was in, one of my favourite towns, Temagmi.

Guess who we found there? Bill from Docks Plus. We had time to get all of the pluses and minuses of different styles of docks.

They do all kinds of docks, even lift docks.

Ya gotta tell 'em where yer to.

We were all confused as to why Dan and Judy's driveway alarm was going off when there was nothing around. We found out that there was a hairy woodpecker nest close by and when the peckers flew by the alarm would go off. Here are a couple of shaky videos. We have seen the babies, but they did not show for the videos, but you can here them, especially in the second one. 

#1 video. 

#2 video.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I haven't been doing my morning walk-abouts for a while. So, you will notice that all pics are less than 25 feet away from the cabin.

My little buddy must have missed me on my morning walks so he came to visit me.

Peek a boo hummer.

I'm just a prisoner in my own castle.

 We have had a bunch of bunnies lately. this little fella is a frequent visitor.

Another bunny running away. Check out the big white feet.

Does a bear crap in the woods?

Nope, he craps in our yard. That's just a little too close to the back door.

The lake level is holding and is even rising a bit.

It's a green jungle out there. Just a few weeks ago it was all nice and white and clean.

Oh well, it'll only be about 16 weeks 'till the first snow fall.

A short video of our prison guards.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Happy 15th Birthday Calliope! <:-P


Gee, next year you'll be driving Papa's car! How did that happen so fast? :-O 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Here we are again, another long one.  No morning walk-a-bouts lately. We can't seem to string 2 nice days in a row. A rainy day, a gloomy day, a rainy day, a sunny day, repeat. And too many bugs.

Bill's point the other day.

We finally got around to fishing for a few minutes on the 23rd.

This raven kept squawking at us.

I caught the first pickerel of the season. I'm trying to stretch him out.

Then Grasshopper caught this 19 inch beauty. It had to be released 'cause in this zone you can not keep pickerel between 16.9 and 23.6 inches.

On the 24th Squire James, AKA Smith and I put in the dock at the Estate. The supervisors were TT, Grasshopper, Juliet, Mary-Lou, and Jose. The low water made it easier. As they used to say in the military, "the dress of the day" was bug jackets.

Jose treated us to a turkey dinner.

Grasshopper's shots around the yard. 

Blueberry flowers.

Our water line is very visible.

Lilac planted last year.

Red trillium.

We made ciabatta buns. A long and messy job, good for a rainy day. This could keep some super kids busy for a whole day. I couldn't find any pics of the finished product, but, they are very good.

The very rare bush chickens.

We went to the Smith's for Knobs and dogs on the BBQ.

The view from their deck.

Write this down on your calendar. There was NO wind @ Little Tomiko on the 27th of May 2017!!! Lately it's been very rare indeed.

Yesterday we went to Timiskaming with Jose, Johanna, John and Mary-Lou. This beaver cheater is on the Weyerhaeuser road. Beaver cheaters prevent beavers from plugging up culverts. We have never seen one like this before. 

 Ottawa river.

Tembec has a huge lumber mill here. In the news lately is that there might be a friendly (?) takeover by an American firm.

A fountain on the way into town.

Good food, good prices.

 This old photo is over a fireplace. Look at all of those brookies. You wouldn't keep that many now-a-days.

After brunch we did a little walking tour. There are trails all around the town.

 We walked along the Gordon creek.

Creek? My self, I think it's a pretty good river.

You walk down one side and then take a bridge across and walk down the other side.


and lots

and lots of stairs.

The old train station is a museum.

 This sluice took water along the creek to a turbine for power.

It is built like a long wooden barrel.

A video of the creek. 

You can buy "pas cher bière" ici.

I think that the beavers must be fixing their dam. The stick on the far right was the level last week the middle stick is where it is today. And all of this rain is helping.