Sunday, July 23, 2017

Who remembers the tornado of 2012? 

 The Smith's.


Our road. Luckily we borrowed a chain saw from the Smiths.

It took us about 3 hours to get to here from the Notman road. We walked the last couple of hundred meters and cleaned this up the next day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Grasshopper! 

I made a blueberry cake,

 and BBQ'ed turkey parts.

 Happy birthday to youuuuuuu

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Whoa, I just finished posting this blog. I should have made 2 blogs. Grab yerself a 6 pack and settle in.

On the first of July we went to Kitchener to visit the Bishop superkids. 

This is just day 1.

There was an ugly chain link fence separating the neighbours yard. It had to go. I used a jack-all to lift the posts and fence from the ground.

First post out.

There's something in my shirt besides me!

My future grandson in law, Bodhi, who I call BoDude, came by to help.

Some of the bush had ingrown in the fence.

Like Arte said, "I think I see something."

Check this guy out.

I had to use a broom handle for more leverage.

All hands on deck for this part.


Kung fu poses.

Snack time.

Delicate surgery.

Finally, rolling up the fence.

Then it was off to down town.

A new candy store.

Somebody is disappointed that she doesn't get to carry the loot.

Back at the house we made some gluten free muddy buddy snacks for the Bishop boys.


Then, we played Colette's dice game for Skittles.

Day 2

 Clean up time.

We had some stumps to remove.

We had to re-roll the fence to fit into our truck.

Much nicer.

Athena spelled out in Skittles.

Day 3.

 Brent, the neighbour, had his hot rod out.

We made another gluten free snack with chex cereal. This one was peanutty squares.

Kung fu classes. Ellia helps lead the kids class.

Athena does the one legged push up.

BoDude and Athena do the horse stance holding a brick.

Kaeden punching on the bag. 

Ellia doing side kicks.

Day 4.

Making ciabatta bread.

Check out that dough.


While the bread was rising we helped the neighbours, Brent and Jan clean up their yard.

Buns and a loaf.

Athena and Ellia showing off their buns.

Check out that loaf.

 Last day.

Back in North Bay we got to spend a few hours with the Brown superkids, Calliope, Nova, and Floyd.

On the way back to the lake there was a hellish thunderstorm. We had to pull over once because we couldn't see the road.

 On Saturday Richard, an old work mate from our Canac/Microtel-Newfie Tel, Frontec Logistics, Frontec, Nasittuq days, and his wife Jo-Ann came to the lake for a visit. Hadn't seen them for well over 12 years.

On Sunday Joseph and Nova came out for the day. We drowned some curly tails.

Mergansers on a rock.

We did a little ATV ride.

We checked out the heron nests at Sand Lake.

 This is what they looked like back in 2010 before the bad wind storm.