Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Our neighbour and friend Dan Kelly passed away last evening.

Arrangements have not been completed at this time.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Happy 16th Birthday Kman! <:-P

Yeah, soon you'll be driving! :D/

Look at you 16 years ago. :x

Look at you now, all grown up, so fast. :-O 


Colette snapped this pic of refuelling the heli-chopper, parked right across the Notman road.

Monday, September 04, 2017

First off, Catherine, the green boat at Bill's point is full of water.  It'll take a couple of guys to pull it up enough to pump it out.

4 year old Bristol giving her dad, Denis, a ride on the sea doo.

 Click. Bristol skiing

 Click. One handed Bristol.

We 4wheeled to visit Linda and Howard @ the McKeen camp.

Grasshopper saw this rig on the Notman road. It is used for aerial spraying. They land a chopper on top to refill the sprayers and to refuel.

 Last day of August, fitting for the summer we had. Geese flying south.

Super high.

2 September, frost.

After picking up the Brown Superkids at the highway I noticed this pile of dead grass in the back yard. It reminded me of something I saw on-line a while ago.

Upon further investigation, this is what I found.

 I don't think that they are bunnies like I saw on-line. Comparing pics of new born rabbits, these ones have round ears.

They look kinda mole like, but I think they are too big for that. They are thumb size.

Floyd caught a nice 16 incher.

Nova caught a 20 incher which we released.

Sparking up the fire for sausages, dogs, and KD for lunch.

 Calliope reading in the cabin.

Calliope reading on the dock.

Rachel and Floyd testing the water.

Floyd tows Nova.

Invisible Nova in the sea biscuit.

Dr. J. reading on the big rock.

Submarine Nova.

Chicken and pork on the grill for dinner.

and corn on the cob.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Another video of our humming birds getting ready to go to their winter home. Turn up the volume. The loon calls in the background means that there is an eagle in the area. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy 14th Birthday Ellia 

Our resident bunny, taken back on the 14th.

On the 16th we had a pot luck @ The Lube and Grill.

I made my "Jesus" buns, one recipe feeds the multitudes.

We also made 3 meat baked beans.

You can never organize this crew for a group shot. I'm not going to name everybody, if you can't remember being there, maybe you weren't.

On the 17th I went on a ride to the "Millionaire's" camp.

Check out that stove! What I couldn't do with that.

Matt, Matt, Jordan, me.

On the 19th our bunny was laying beside the steps.

When it moved I noticed that it had an injury. It's left rear leg had no movement. When it ran off it basically ran on it's front legs, like a hand stand, occasionally using the rear right leg for balance.


Some beautiful dock spiders at Bedrock. @ Lil' Tomiko we LUV our spiders.

Lots and lots of babies.

Kathleen might have a snake protecting her back door ...

but, we have a snake protecting our solar panels.

We had a SPAGHETTI dinner at the Szy's with Linda, Howard, Vic and Jane.

Tom gave us some sh*t! This sh*t is real sh*t. Check out their web site. Click.

Yesterday we had a another pot luck at the Estate with Ken, Jose, Tom, Mary-Ann, David, Beatrice, Paul, Sharon, and Jackie. The little Nikon freaked out and lost some pictures. :(

Jose's deck is the best deck for sun sets.